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+$1,000 [Video]

Chinese Takeout

Rocco needs another job done, so get in Tony's car and head to the Dragon Heart Plaza in Chinatown. During the cutscene, Billy Grey from The Lost motorcycle gang has an exchange with a Chinese man. Billy Grey should be familiar if you have played The Lost and Damned, the first episode of GTA IV downloadable content. Billy Grey leaves, and then Tony and Luis enter the scene. Rocco has promised the Chinese man that Tony and Luis will help them deal with some licensing issues for their project, but Luis makes it clear they are unwilling to do so. Luis knocks him to the ground, the triads become aware, and the inevitable shootout begins...

Chinese Takeout Chinese Takeout

Your objective is to escape from the building, but three floors separate you from the exit, and each floor contains armed, pissed off triads, so it won't be easy! Some attackers are displayed on the radar, but some are not, so approach each corner with caution. As soon as you kill the first triad and go through the first door, a second shooter appears who isn't initially shown on the radar. Take cover whilst shooting, and blind fire to minimise the damage you take. (Hint: buy a grenade launcher from Armando before starting the mission, and use it to 'blast' your enemies out of cover).

Chinese Takeout Chinese Takeout

Collect the armour before proceeding to the next floor. Another attacker appears as you approach the stairwell, so once again approach with caution. Two more attackers emerge when you reach the bottom of the stairs, and more are waiting around the corner. Again take cover, and watch out for the grenade!

Chinese Takeout Chinese Takeout

Proceed to the next level and collect the armour on the way down. Repeat exactly what you did on the previous level, and make your towards the ground floor. There's a sprunk machine up ahead where you can collect health if you need any, but first find cover and eliminate the nearest attackers. Once you reach the exit, wait for Tony to exit the building and take him home to finish the mission.

Chinese Takeout Chinese Takeout

PhoneYusuf Amir, who was introduced during the initial cutscene, invites you to meet him at his pad in Middle Park East. Yusuf's missions are now available.

100% Targets

Time 0:05:20
Player Damage 10%
Accuracy 70%
100% Headshots  

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