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+$4,000 [Video]

Dropping In

Bulgarin claims he has been "more than reasonable" with his offer to Ashvilli for the Liberty City Rampage, but he still won't accept it. Bulgarin orders Luis to go there and waste him.

Dropping In Dropping In

When the cutscene is over, wait for Timur to get in the car and drive to the heliport in Lower Algonquin. Get in the chopper, and fly through the red markers until you reach Star Junction. Jump out, activate the parachute, and land on The Rampage's office above the MeTV building. Aim for the pink marker on the green helipad.

Dropping In Dropping In

CCTV has spotted Luis on the roof, and Ashvilli's protection has been notified. After the cutscene, go down the stairs and approach the double yellow doors. Don't go through them yet - shoot them open and kill Ashvilli's protection. Now go through and finish off the rest. One guy is taking cover behind the wall, and the last guy is taking cover behind some canisters - just shoot the canisters out of the way to get him.

Dropping In Dropping In

Drop down the elevator and quickly do a 180 degree turn. Kill the two security guards in front of you, and then take cover behind the wall. Throw a grenade or some sticky bombs to reach the guy taking cover behind the wall. Eliminate the other guy taking cover beside the blue doors, and then approach the yellow doors.

Dropping In Dropping In

Do the same as before - shoot the doors open from the outside, and kill the security guards inside. Move in and finish off the rest; then kill the guy at the bottom of the stairs and make your way to The Rampage's office. Go through the door and kill the two guys standing by the desk. Kill the guy taking cover behind the wall, and finish off the last guys in the office who are protecting Ashvilli.

Dropping In Dropping In

Enter the office and waste Ashvilli. Watch him plummet to his death, then jump through the window, activate the parachute and land on (or near to) Timur's truck to conclude the mission.

100% Targets

Time 0:06:40
Player Damage 40%
Accuracy 70%
Perfect Landing  
Ashvilli Plummet  
Truck Landing  

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